A Bit of My Story

Picture of Noella ReederHow I Went from Hopeless and Helpless to Encouraged and Empowered

Feeling stuck and unable to change creates an emotional weight filled with shame, frustration and hopelessness. For many years, I dragged that old sack of regrets around as if it was my mission in life to carry it! As more time went by, the load got heavier as I told myself “If I haven’t changed by now, I never will!”

I eventually discovered that the biggest part of my problem – the root of it – was the subconscious stories like this I’d been telling myself all these years! Like it or not, the reality is that we all have things our brain has been programmed to believe that just aren’t true. We are products of what we’ve seen, heard, and experienced in our life.

Our subconscious does a great job of taking all that information and automating everything for us so we don’t have to think about everything we do. Science tells us that 80 – 90% of our daily decisions happen on auto-pilot based on whatever information has been pre-programmed in our head! Unfortunately, many of those programs are operating on faulty data! It can seem like our current reality is the only one possible for us because it’s all we’ve ever known, but that isn’t true – you can change your reality!

The Journey of Truths that Set Me Free

I’ve had many roles in life, and they’ve all shaped who I am and taught me valuable things – daughter, friend, wife, mother, grandmother, Christian, author, and entrepreneur. When it comes to big changes in my life, on the spiritual side, I’ve experienced dramatic miraculous transformation in many areas, including an instant healing of addiction to drugs as a young woman.

Never-the-less, even with God on my side, so to speak, there were areas I struggled with despite prayer and trying my hardest to overcome them. Eventually, my prayers were answered, but not always in the ways I expected! Over time, there were a series of things I learned that helped solidify an important concept that I’d been missing in my life.

Here are 4 of them:

1 – I experienced the importance of believing the right thing and just how destructive believing untruths can be, even if they seem like ‘no big deal’.

I learned some key pieces of foundational truth I had been lacking in my own faith journey as a Christian that absolutely set me free on a whole new level in my relationship with myself, God and others! I saw that some of the things I had believed previously were what had been creating a mess in my life.

2 – I discovered successful people all had something in common – specific mindsets and ways of thinking that caused them to rise above the status-quo.

As an author and entrepreneur, I did a lot of research and came across this consistent theme while studying anyone who had attained success in their field, whether in business, sports, entertainment or religion.

3 – I learned facts from neuroscience on how the brain and mind operate and how to work with them for overcoming blockages to change.

I saw how these facts lined up with things like success mindsets and therapies for mental illness that some people close to me had been benefiting from. Learning how my own brain works empowered me to believe I could change even after all these years!

4 – I got to see first-hand that it is possible to change your reality when you change your mind

I was privileged to get the opportunity to work with a CEO of a large company named Jae Park as his personal ‘ghost writer’. Getting into the brain of someone who has changed their way of thinking that led to actions that changed their life and had such impact on the lives of so many others, has had a profound effect on me! I knew Jae before his transformation that came as a result of his mindset change, and saw the before and after first-hand. He is living proof to me that putting these things into practice works!

To sum up, I have found that what we believe and our habits of thinking will make or break us! They will keep us stuck or set us free. We need to understand some basics of how our own mind and brain work if we want to experience success and personal growth.

The miracle of having the right mindsets

I mentioned earlier that I’ve experienced miracles in my life – things that can’t be explained in the natural, so I believe in a miracle-working God, but I no longer believe he only works in supernatural manifestations to bring dramatic changes in someone’s life. Miracles also happen by gaining the right mindsets!

There is a scripture that encourages us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. For most of us, who are like me, that feel stuck, trapped, and in need of freedom, it will happen by rooting out false old stories and beliefs that are running our lives, replacing them with truth, then living out that truth in action. It happens over a lifetime, layer upon layer, truth upon truth.

I have found that as my mind is changing for the better, I’m experiencing more abundance, joy and freedom in my life and relationships. Instead of hopeless and depressed, I’m excited about the future because I know I can keep growing and that I’m not stuck being the same as who I was yesterday!

I am interested in many things and like to write on different topics. Whether I’m writing books for kids, tips on having a healthy lifestyle, relationship advice for couples, or spiritual inspiration for fellow believers, having the right mindsets and way of thinking is the foundation I like to base it all on.

Thanks for listening to my story! I wish you well on your own journey of discovering truth and freedom so you can enjoy the best life and find true fulfillment.

With love and the best of thoughts and wishes for you,

Noella Reeder