How to Reconnect and Feel the Love Again – Connection Hack #1

Are you and your partner feeling disconnected and having trouble finding the time to reconnect in your busy lives?

Then you just might find my ‘Connection Hacks’ useful!

Watch the video, or read the post below to check it out!


Connection Hacks to Keep That Lovin’ Feeling!

Isn’t it awesome when you feel like you’ve really connected with someone? It’s like being plugged into a wall socket! You feel energized and alive!

Connecting with others is a source of power for us! It is one of our deepest needs. When we feel unconnected from people that are important to us, we are unsatisfied and lonely.

When we feel disconnected from our partner, the one we should feel closest to, it’s even more disheartening!
In our busy lives, it’s easy to lose touch in our relationships. We can even live with someone, see them all the time, and still feel distant if we aren’t doing the things that make us feel connected!

We can love our partner, even have sexual encounters with them, yet feel disconnected and robotic, like we’re just going through the motions, but our souls aren’t really engaged.

How do we reconnect and feel that magnetic energy that draws us to each other again?

First of all, it doesn’t happen magically! There are specific things you can do to get, and stay connected, but it takes a conscious choice and effort to do them!

These Connection Hacks are going to give you a few ways that can help you and your partner to really jump-start that sense of closeness again! If you do the things I suggest in this series of videos, you will probably feel closer than you have for a long time!

You will find new treasures in each other, and enjoy quick, but deep connection points every day, even in your busy schedules!

Are you ready to get started? Awesome!

The first tip only takes 10 seconds a day, and will super-boost your sense of connection!

Your assignment is to do this first tip every day that you see each other:

Connection Hack #1: Connect with Your Lips – The 10 Second Kiss

This tip comes from a book with the same title, written by Ellen Kreidman. I read it years ago. It’s a great book.
The 2 best times to do this are when you part and when you greet again! Show your partner you’re going to miss them and how happy you are to see them again! You get extra marks for 20 seconds, Lol!

To tell the truth, it often grows to more than that! This isn’t just the peck we commonly use, this takes a moment to really say “I love you”. Put some tenderness and feeling into it.

My husband Greg and I don’t always do this. Actually, I just started to implement it again without him knowing! This morning, as he was leaving for work, I gently grabbed his face and kissed him lovingly for around 10 seconds.

Actually, I don’t know how long it was! I lost track of time!

His response was beautiful! He said “Wow! That was sure more than just a peck goodbye! Thank you. I feel so loved!” I could tell it really affected him!

It took me a few seconds and a conscious effort to communicate emotion with touch, and it connected us. We both felt it.

Most of the time, as couples, we don’t feel like we used to, because we stop doing the things we did at first! Kissing is one of those things we don’t do like we used to. A good time of kissing can be an adventure on its own!

Have fun with this one!

Comment and let me know what you think of it and how the 10 second kiss worked for you!


Happy Connecting!


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