Trying to help a child develop self-control?

Discover self-regulation skills children can use to help them manage their emotions.

This Emotional Regulation Workbook is a companion to the picture book, I’m the Thinker of My Thoughts – a read-aloud book that teaches children how to manage their emotions by choosing better thoughts.

The basic concepts of the book are:

  • Others can help them with some things, but only they can help themselves in the area of their thoughts and choices
  • Thoughts create feelings and feelings lead to actions
  • They have the power to manage their emotions by choosing to replace unhelpful thoughts with more helpful ones

(These are some of the things taught in CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is used in helping people cope with things like trauma, anxiety and depression)

The Workbook is a PDF with 37 reproducible ACTIVITY and COLORING pages - (including all the pages in the picture book with some of the simple words faded for spelling practice)

 This workbook is great for:

  • families
  • daycares and preschools
  • primary classrooms
  • counsellors and mental health professionals

A few sample pics of the workbook pages: